Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wedding Centerpieces

Lately, I have been fantasizing about my wedding.  With that
has come many late nights of watching a million episodes of 
Say Yes to the Dress! ;)
And OK, I am a hopeless romantic and LOVE weddings.
So. Stinking. Much. 

However, I think it is also a lot of fun to decorate for the reception!
Centerpieces are a perfect way to add some glamour to the reception!
Whether it be a warm glow of candles or a gorgeous arrangement
of flowers, centerpieces are the perfect way to add more to that special day!

Here are some of my favorites!

I think the last one might be my favorite!  Look at all of those candles!
I am such a candle addict it's horrible.  I'm always bummed when I go
back to school that we can't have candles on campus! :(

Whether the centerpiece is simple or extraordinaire,
they are a beautiful way to add to your reception.
Some of these are easy DIY projects that are tons of fun to do, 
especially if you are on a tight budget!

Hope you have a wonderful day! :)
Happy hump day! :)

Images via Style Me Pretty, Flickr, and Pinterest.

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