Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Cards

When I see the mail man come around this time of year,
I get really excited to see the Christmas cards that people send me.
I think that a card is so simple, yet one of the sweetest things to receive from people
we care for dearly. 

So with that, I came across some really cute card ideas on Pinterest that 
I really want to try!  :)

I love the little presents!

I will be doing this with my future little ones!  This is just adorable!!

Get your creative side out this Christmas!  :)

Have a spectacular day!

Note: These images were found on Pinterest.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas

I consider myself to be a last minute shopper when it comes to gifts for
my friends and family.  
I have a really hard time picking out things for people, especially since some people 
I know are extremely picky!
So I have sometimes found myself at a dead end in ideas. 

But after doing some more searching, I have come up with some ideas I thought were great!
For the girly girl, you can't go wrong with Essie nail polish!

This is my man's favorite candy!  Take a toothpick and carve out messages in them!
Too cute! :) 

A hot cocoa mix is a sweet and simple idea for anyone!
Put some fun treats inside to top of their cocoa!  

For the hard-working woman in your life! 
Treat her right with a foot massage and a manicure!  

So whether you do these ideas or something else, 
like candles, books, movies, music, or puzzles,
there is nothing like giving something that means so much to
someone you care about. 

Happy shopping! :)

Here are some more links for fun!
These candles would be great to have around the house (I mean, who
doesn't like Yankee)?  
Bundle up  in this cozy North Face jacket!
And this chili recipe looks delicious!  I will have to try this soon
since my baby loves jalapenos! :)  

And here is some food for thought! :)