Thursday, July 24, 2014

Great Reads

One of my favorite things to do in life (besides shoe shopping and eating bacon)
is to read.  I have had so much time now that my summer class is over to catch
up on some books that were collecting dust on my shelf!

Over that course of time, I have read several books that I am highly recommending!
Thinking about making a page that has a list of books that I have read and
what I am currently reading.  What do you think?

This is about two people who are brought together after a tragic accident.
I don't want to say so much because it is so good!!  Giffin
is a terrific author who is clever and genuine.

A business woman with her own clothing store, she is a bit on the curvy size 
compared to the average woman.  After an abusive relationship, she is through 
with boys.  But there is a certain hottie that can't keep his eyes off of her!  
So, do they get together?  Find out!
Jamison is a hilarious author who keeps you flipping the pages!

Gemma is a middle-aged woman living in NYC and cooks for people.  
As you can tell from the cover, when in doubt, she clearly states how 
important the butter is.  A funny read that details her adventures of love, life 
and friendship.  

I am going to leave you with this for now.  More books suggestions to come!

And a few more links just for fun!

How adorable is this baby?!?!  

I love painting during my free time and this tutorial looks like something fun to try!

Need a new backpack for school?  Check out these Vera Bradley backpacks!
Seriously love her stuff.  Fantastic quality and so cute!  

These earrings from Kate Spade are gorgeous!
Sigh.  Wish I could afford them!

But more importantly, I want that baby! ;)

Hope you have a great night!

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