Wednesday, August 6, 2014

DIY Headbands

Almost every girl I know loves to do her hair.
Curls, french braids, fancy ribbons, and flowers in an up-do;
these are just a few of the many options a girl has to fancy her hair,
her most prized possession! :)

There are so many accessories that we can buy to add to our cute hair look,
but that can quickly add up to be quite a bit of dough going towards headbands,
barrettes, and other pretty hair clips.  

But what if it was cheaper to make your own?!  
It is and you can customize your look for any occasion!  :)

Here are some cute looks I would love to try!
When I get to experimenting more, I will be putting up tutorials.
I know, I know, I am a tad bit behind..
But hey, better late than never!! :)

The last one I swear I have seen in so many stores, but I refuse to pay 
$15 for a pack of these.  I bet you could make these for much cheaper
and get a whole lot more out of them!  Plus, you can make exactly what you want!
This website has many more knock offs from Anthropologie!

Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and that ladies you have fun
fancying your hair! :)


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