Monday, September 1, 2014

Favorite Fashion Finds

My stars, has it been too long or what?!?!  
I am so sorry that this has taken forever!
I am all moved in to my new apartment and ready to start my third
year of college (already...).

Le sigh.

But I can't wait to start yet another exciting year! :)
Anyways, back to the main point.
Here are some of my favorite finds in the wonderful world 
of style that I just had to share:

1.  The Fall Layers

With an adorable red skirt and cheetah loafers.  Perfect.

2.  The Classic Skirt and Stripe Look

I love how she has a bun for her hair style to complement this timeless look.
Such a fun and classy look.  A must have for any woman!

 3.  Vest and Gingham

I personally need to get my act together and purchase a couple of gingham shirts!
How cute is this pattern!?!?!  
Such a great look for the upcoming fall season!

4.  Stripes on Stripes

I just love the light stripe pattern of the skirt paired with the striped shirt.
It doesn't look like there are too many stripes going on here.

 5.  The Blazer Look
Such a classy piece of clothing to add to any outfit.
I am currently obsessed with stripes so this just may be one
of my favorite outfits!! :)

Happy Labor Day weekend!


Images via, Flickr, prepped-in-pearls.tumblr, and lifelaughterandcoffee.tumblr.

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