Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Make a Statement!

Hello there!!
Where have I been, you may ask?
Well, I have just completed yet another year of college! 
Where is the time going?!?!  Crazy!!
But it surely was a good one!! :)  

So to kick things off, I thought I would share some cute statement necklaces
that I have found while shopping like crazy (and I mean like a mad woman). ;)  

So some day when I have more money, I would love to invest in this
Kate Spade necklace!  Love the colors together!
The perfect summer accessory!  Found here.

How about this one from Anthropologie?!
I am in LOVE with this store.
Well, I shouldn't make it sound like this is a new-found love, 
I have been addicted for several years, yet do not own a single thing from Anthro.
This needs to change, oui?! ;) 

I love the pink!!! 
I am also in love with J.Crew and if anyone knows how to legally obtain an
unlimited credit card, let me know ASAP cause I'm going crazy! ;)  

And two more beauties from Kate Spade:

Love.  It.  Found here.

Such a pretty shade of green! 
Found here

Have a wonderful day!!  :) 

Nutmeg :) 

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