Monday, January 20, 2014

Creative Crafts

I have been so inspired by Pinterest (I swear I'm never getting
off that site, EVER) to bring out my creative side.
Whether I can create something to add d├ęcor to a room or to make a cozy, fuzzy scarf
I think that it is tons of fun to do something crafty.
Here are some cool ideas I found:
 Got some paint?  Then grab your paint brushes and some tape
and paint away!
A brilliant way to stay organized with this calendar!

 This just takes me back to the day of water colors in elementary school.
Good times.

Sorry that this image has to be so small, this is being a pain in the rear,
but if you know of a coffee addict or you are one, then this is
the perfect accessory for you!
Simple to make, yet super cute and useful!
Hope you are having a great day!! :)
Take care,

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