Saturday, November 30, 2013

Relaxation: One of Life's Necessities

So one of the biggest things I have learned thus far in my academic career as an undergraduate student is that it is SO important to take care of yourself by taking time to relax.  
Now, I'm a Biology and Microbiology major that pretty much had the attitude of "ain't nobody got time for that!"  
Perhaps this might sound familiar to y'all?! 

Through all of these tough times, I have realized just how important it is to relax.  It doesn't make me a bad student.  In fact, I think it makes me a better student to be able to study with a clearer head!  

Cause lets face it: if you had to read a book like this all day and didn't take a break, you would probably go crazy too!  

Thus I bring wise advice to you: how to relax!
  1.  Exercise- proven to cause a release of endorphins in your body, which helps your body to relieve its own physical stress! 
  2. Candles-  I don't know what it is about candles, but the sweet scents and the little fire that gently glows while it burns has really helped me to calm my nerves.  
  3. Pinterest-  may be a no brainer, but seriously getting all of these ideas on what to cook or how do turn an everyday ponytail into a gorgeous hairstyle is super fun and addicting.  And helps to relieve stress!  If you do not have a Pinterest, get one!!!  So much fun!
  4. Deep breaths- get some more oxygen to your brain and slow down your mind in the process!  All of those annoying thoughts that are running through your head at a million miles an hour will start to slow down and then you realize that things aren't so bad after all! :)
  5. Coffee- or any sort of comforting hot beverage.  Help yourself to get relaxed and cozy by drinking something that is warm and toasty!  
  6. Do something crafty- I really like to knit.  Knitting really helps me to focus in on something else and ease my nerves. 
  7. Scream into a pillow- just try it.  It really works! ;)
  8.  Write down anxieties and positive thoughts- this may be the most important tool I have had thus far.  Putting all of those thoughts onto paper allows you to sort through those thoughts a lot easier.  Highly recommend this!
  9. Music- whatever your favorite tune is, crank it up in the car or on your iPod.  Music has been proven to also cause a release of endorphins.  Plus, music is so much fun to listen to anyways. :)
  10. Think positive- telling yourself that you will get through the rough patches in life will really help you get through these hard times.  While this may seem obvious, it really can be easy to lose sight of it.  I know I most certainly have!  
Hope this helps when you need to relax!  

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